About 'Lil 'Ol Me!

Hello friends! I'm Kristin - the designer, creator, bookkeeper, shipper, photographer extraordinaire behind Hillside Studio! You can usually find me with my mouth open - laughing, talking, eating, or cheering! 😆 <---- Basically me in emoji form! I have three kiddos, one husband, and two fluffy bunnies, and we live our busy little lives in the heart of the Midwest - Iowa! When I'm not doing my Monday through Friday Executive Assistant duties, you kind find me in my little basement studio on Hillside Drive (It's actually a closet!)
Color, sparkle, pattern, and gemstones make me seriously happy!  My goal is to bring a little bit of that happiness to you through the fun, unique jewelry that I lovingly hand-make just for magical people like you!
Happy day, friends!  Thanks for stopping by!