Complete Brand  Audit

Complete Brand Audit

  • $250.00


  • A 30 minute pre-audit call where we identify your ideal customer and the look and feel you are trying to achieve with your brand.  Includes an ideal customer worksheet to complete before the call. I like to do this before I review your brand assets so I can hear directly from you about what you are trying to achieve before I see what comes across to me.
  • Thorough review of your website, social media, packaging and inserts, market set-up, photos, and any other peripherals that make up your brand.
  • Post-audit summary write-up of things you are doing well and should keep doing, things you are lacking, suggestions for bio wording, website copy, brand identity, page ideas,  content ideas, hashtag suggestions. Identify any inconsistencies with pricing, wording, design, colors, etc.
  • After you have time to digest the summary and start putting some of the suggestions into practice, we’ll have a 30 minute follow-up call to answer any questions and brainstorm additional ideas

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